“The One”

  “In everyone’s life there is always someone ,the one who stood always beside you in every condition you are in whether bad or good, while smiling or crying, nothing matters but the one is always there to shrug your shoulder or to give you one to rest your head when you needed someone else…

“Losing hope of getting my angel back”

Missing you like hell. Even sitting in a locked room not helping my heart, My heart to stop thinking about you. Seriously I am losing hope for sure,  Losing hope of getting  my angel back, Losing hope of getting  heaven again.   Mind tried every possible thing,  To force my heart and soul to make…


Graphite and Charcoal on paper Did it for commission . Hope you all will appreciate the beauty . And don’t forget to like my art page for more updates . Art Facebook page Instagram acc I would love to see your love . It would be a great help for an budding artist Like me…

Curly hair

#whenshe unties her hair and play with the curls without even bothering the audience 😘 and her bindi makes me go zone out. Follow me on instagram for sketches updates @alt.f.artist

Portraits #01

Paper : A4 Pencil : 0.5 and 6B Time taken : 6 hours

Few Pages from A Guy’s Diary

  PROLOGUE Are you single? The only question which changes everything between two people. The understanding transforms to a “chance”. A chance of getting hit by the one who is close, knows every possible secrets of ours, a best friend or by a total stranger. The question which lead to next complicated statement “would you…


“Super-Girl” Colored in Photoshop. image : line art taken from deviantart


  Traced and colored on photoshop CC time -2 hours   i know i m not that good in digital art. but i m practicing . fingers crossed 🙂

“Chubby Panda”

I found it so cute . ‪#‎art‬ ‪#‎sketchbook‬ ‪#‎digitalpaint‬ ‪#‎painting‬ ‪#‎photoshop‬ ‪#‎panda‬ ‪#‎cute‬ ‪#‎chubby‬ Software Used : Photoshop CC Time: 3 hours

“The Incomplete Sketch”

If I ask “How many of you love being loved but never want to be in love ?” 😉 Strange question right. Hello there meet us “Artists“. I love being loved but never wanna be in love.  If you ever noticed , most of the artists are single, broke-dead or high on creativity basically alone…